Our Guaranteed 10 Plan

Our Guaranteed 10 Plan
  1. Integrity: Our company’s primary commitment from all of our staff is to be honest and have a strong moral principle. We have a hiring and training process to ensure that all of our staff have one goal in mind. The growth of your business.
  1. Trained and Certified Specialist: Although a few test are required to be a certified Specialist in AdWords our team is required to be certified in all categories of AdWords, including Analytics. Not only are they certified in their skill within AdWords, they are all  also certified in what matters most, Customer Service.
  2. Results: We strive for the one thing that matters,  results for your business. Our staff works together to achieve this and are compensated based on this one key ingredient to your business.
  3. Reporting: We hold a 30 min meeting per week with each of our partners (business owners) about the results yielded the previous week. You will also receive several weekly reports for your business to ensure you understand the movement of your AdWords’ Campaigns.
  4. Care: We strive for long lasting relationships with our partners. We pride ourselves on treating your advertisement and business like our own, s there is no need to worry. We are your partner, not a fly by night company.

What we will NOT do:

  1. Be slick salesman: We are consultants and only have your best interest in mind. We dispose of and do not tolerate slickness.. yuck!
  2. Tell you what you want to hear: Although we service your business, we are experts and will provide the best advice possible when it comes to your digital marketing.
  3. Provide a magic button: We do not offer overnight results. Although we set timelines and believe in yielding fast and great results, we do need time to analysis data and make educated decisions.
  4. Long term contracts: We believe results speak for themselves. Although we do have an agreement we put in place (3 months), we run month to month and allow you to cancel your services if need be.
  5. False promises: We believe in truth and honesty. If we can’t do it, you will know. This is important to us because we believe in providing our best, but not impossibilities.

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