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Your website is an extension of your business flyer or business card, easily accessible by potential and existing customers. It provides information on your background, your experience and other credentials; crucial in the decision making process.


Local Web Design helps businesses by targeting clients on multiple steps in the customer’s path to purchase.
  • Creating websites allow potential
    customers to find the business
    online. It provides another channel
    that was not available in traditional
    marketing. Websites form the
    foundation of digital marketing and
    all other digital marketing efforts
    would start in the creation of a
    great website.
  • Effective websites that detail the
    product or service or business that
    is being showcased can drive
    consideration to the service. A
    perfectly executed landing page
    coupled with call to action and an
    actual actionable hook can drive
    customers from merely browsing to
    actually purchasing.
  • With Local Web Design you now have a new, cost effective way of communicating with your existing customers and building a long lasting relationship through a regularly updated and

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With an incredibly fast turnaround time of 2 weeks,its worth the click!

Our Process

Build 3 unique mockups in a matter of minutes with our proposal generator. Once your client has chosen their design, you brief us and we will have your website ready in 2 weeks.
We will implement all final revisions and then launch your site. After the launch, we provide another two weeks of support for any issues or problems you’ll have along the way. If you want additional monthly support, we also offer a Monthly Maintenance Package.
We will update your client’s website according to the content submitted and will use premium stock photos for it. We include automatic backups, updates, and security fixes. Only available for WordPress sites.
We would take all your revision suggestions and implement them on the site. After that, we would then upload the site, finish the development, and send the site to you for Final QA
Basic Web Design
Basic Web Design
  • Fast Wordpress development based on custom Wordpress templates created specifically for local industry niches
  • One week turn-around time from start of campaign to initial client assessment and approval
  • Two weeks turn-around time from start of campaign to deployment. Any additional feature tacks on additional time
  • Up to 30 pages migrated
  • Up to 15 premium stock photos bought and used specifically for the site
  • Custom design, created specifically for your business based on your personality
  • SEO-ready websites with features integrated such as blogs, social media icons, HTML and XML site maps, et
  • Responsive web design ensures the website is displayed correctly across all screens
  • Social media icons, favicons, widgets, contact forms, etc.
  • *Disclaimer: This does not include content creation.*


Basic Web Design + Content
Basic Web Design + Content
  • Three to four week turn-around time from intake form to final release. The first two weeks will be audited (initial and final, respectively).
  • One month FREE maintenance included after the initial two-week development for support, minor updates, and additional content uploads.
  • Up to 30 pages of content integration (migration of content)
  • Up to five 350 - word pages included for main page, about us, contact us, plus two pages of your choice./strong>
  • Two design studies for the logo, created in multiple formats, designed specifically for the client according to their specification.
  • All original content, logos, and graphics created specifically for the new website
  • Fast, elegant web design based on Wordpress
  • Fast, elegant web design based on Wordpress
  • Social media icons, favicons, widgets, contact forms, etc.


Advanced Website Design
Advanced Website Design
  • Website Design delivery will be 30 days or more depending on the complexity of the site design.
  • Two Design Concepts, Three Revisions
  • Up to 3 Home Page Revisions
  • Up to 4 Inner Page Mockup
  • Up to 4 Inner Page Revisions or One (1) Revision per Mockup
  • Blog Activation
  • Up to 3 Contact Forms
  • Up to 3 Widgets
  • Two (2) Free Plugin Installation
  • Up to 90 Page Transfers
  • HTML and XML Sitemap
  • Favicon
  • Social Media Icons
  • Branded WordPress Login Page
  • Responsive Web Design
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Homepage Slideshow, Photo Gallery, and other features as needed


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